The Cold, Hard, Truth.

October 20, 2009
You came in from the cold--
and from what I was told,
You were the perfect drug
A cheat, a player, a thug.

But I’m prideful, I’m young
And what else can I say?
I fell for you, you cheating playing lying thug, you
And even though I knew full well what you do
I was lonely, upset, and you helped me through
You came in from the cold and as the wind blew
I knew, oh you’re damn right I knew
You were wrong, you weren’t good, you were my perfect poison from the start
I can’t say that I was wise, or even smart
Or any of those things
But they say love is blind,
And you’re damn right it’s true
Cuz even though I knew,
I went for you

And just like every foolish little girl
I forgot my values, my faith
And that ain’t no easy thing to do
I was strong, and I thought you’d make me stronger
But in the end, your weakness made me weaker
Your pride didn’t make me more prideful
In the end, it just made me spiteful
I went in with open eyes
But you were some kind of damn spy
You made my head spin
til I thought wrong was right
And by the end of the night,

You made me lose all sight
But I’m wiser, stronger, smarter now
And don’t think you don’t know how

You told me forever,
But forever from what you’re seeing
Must have some other kind of meaning

Cuz I’m damn sure forever is longer
Than that tramp you saw down yonder
Yeah she was fine, she looked nice
But don’t you see that little price
Cuz now karma’s comin’ to get you, boy

You say three weeks
That’s it, you’re gone
You're headed out of town
Right at the damn crack of dawn
So it’s now that you realize
It’s now you think twice
You can’t have her on a platter
Or even me for that matter

Cuz even though it may look like I hang on your every word and letter
Give me some credit
I’m still strong, I’m still wise,
And don’t you forget it
Sure there are times when I regret it.
But as you love, you learn to live.
That alone will help me forgive.

But I don’t need your sympathy,
I’ll be fine on my own, I’m not your damn trophy
I’m still me and you know I’m a fighter
I don’t need you to make the load lighter
And I don’t want you to make my day any brighter

You came in from the cold,
And let this story be properly told,
You made the mistake of mistaking me for a whore
So now boy, you can walk right out the door.

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