Getting Over a Breakup

October 20, 2009
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Night by night the owl within lays awake.
While I stare at my ceiling, tied to my bed,
The creature within me leaps for the sky.
Writhing in pain, yet the ocean calls my name.
It crashes silently, I feel the cool breeze.

The state of silence releasing from my lips.
Dark horses galloping into the distance.
My body, numb, encloses my spirit.
The wings of the dawn flutter in my ear.

The scent of morning swims around me,
Dreary like a tide of charcoal waves.
Cutting like a scissor, love tears my heart.
The essence of the fools fills up my brain,
Until it overflows into the empty cavity of my head.
Where the thoughts which aren’t quite ready,
Form into those which shape our lives.

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