October 20, 2009
Expand the mind, expand the brain.

Our own kind has brought us pain

so keep on laughing in my face

the Gods will put you back in place.

Most great thinkers have come & gone,

some were right, others wrong.

But we are young & we are strong.

Will you keep pressing along?

Have you sat, have you thought.

Will ancient battles be re-fought?

Only space and time will tell,

just more questions upon I dwell.

A cycle of answers no real proof.

Is this world just a spoof?

A wild dream of greater minds,

this thing we call time.

Do you also have confusion?

Are we all a complex illusion?

I dream of peace, a spiritual bind,

you call me strange, not of your kind.

Thoughts make up the better man,

human progress in our hands.

Lets move forward not stand still,

do you have heart, do you have will?

They say we’re dust in the wind, can you disagree?

Or will we last longer, explore your mind with me.

Hidden answers you must find, little hints over time.

I must be going won’t you come?

Great adventures to be undone.

I guess not? I’ll go alone.

But you’ll be gone when I get home,

you’ll be gone. Your gone, their all gone.

The Trip is done.

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