The Indiscribable Passion

October 20, 2009
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Five, six, seven, eight
A passion rose and here it stayed
A glimpse of the past, where did this all begin?
I pushed you into my life, unaware of what i would win
First moves for a try, them i'm in love terribly
Side by side, forever, i'll hold your hand merely carefully
Loves come and go, but you won't slip away from me
You are my esacpe, my light, my eyes for what i can not see
If the stars and the moon don't shine tonight, I'd give up my love for you
And the skys are endless, as my joy revolving around this, if only you knew
Now i'll stand on my tiptoes, and reach for heaven before I'd give you away
Without you i am nothing, breathless, speechless if i lost you today
If only they knew, the troubles i go through, for my need, my life and my longing for you
Dance, you are my everything and that's all i really know
So I'm holding on tight, while crying at night, and I'm never letting you go

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