Size Me Down, Gorgeous

October 20, 2009
By lalalauren5919 GOLD, Jacksonville, Florida
lalalauren5919 GOLD, Jacksonville, Florida
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Mirror, mirror, you're so revealing on my wall
Just tell me, who is the prettiest of them all?
Models on magazine covers, simply lying on my bed
This "skinny" factor, damages through my head
The makeup and hair, and i see what I'm judged on
As if beauty were as real as such, a breaking dawn
Unbeautiful, unforgettable, and it's exactly how i feel
Childhood seems skipped, then secretly a meal
Now i stare myself down, unpleasent with wide eyes
Sucking it all in, i know it's what i have to hide
Beautiful yet everything, make me look like you
Imperfect to perfect, and i'll only lose myself, who knew?
Girls, girls, all we need is a dream,
and a hope, and a light, 'cause things are not like they seem
Keep you're head high gorgeous, you are perfect houw you are
Change not you're image, and only you will go far
Yes, you're hair is ok,
No, you're makeup is not smeared
But what i see behind these photoshoped eyes is something of a tear
Crying and shying because i'm not a size 2
maybe someday it will change and you'll be happy with you
skinny, skinny, skinny, it's the only thing on my mind
when will size not matter?
When will we leave it all behind?
Im hurting inside, i promise, can't you see?
Anoter day i lose my games and I'm up to a size 3
These clothes are showing sorrow hidden behind closed door, and i worry and i wonder why i'm now a size 4
This can't be the answer, living like this i can not thrive, yet it happens all so quickly, and my body screams "size 5"
One look in the mirror, brings tears you can not fix, anoter day, another hold-off, to my cries a size 6
A care so special, should not be about our weight
Towards our bodies and our figures, we've developed such a hate
Anoter bite for my tears, and i hope you know its true
Maybe one day i'll be happy, and like you i'll be size 2

The author's comments:
Taking on the role of someone who is very insecure about themselves and pondering upon how they might feel, even though we all have some insecurities within ourselves

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