in the name of love

October 20, 2009
i am hurt but i wont give up
i will be true to you
and give you what u need
in the name of love
i know the other guys did you wrong
you know u deserve better
but if he treats you wrong then
you should know y'all don't belong
love is a privilege
no one has to give love a chance
but the words u said
went straight to my head
and now i am trying to get u in my arms to prove my care
in the name of love
something is telling me
(she is the one)
could this be true
did these words really touch me
now i see what i can be
i looked to the sky
and asked God why
i am falling for you
i didn't have a clue
how i should tell you
even if i could but i would
now i am on my knee's
begging you to be with me
saying please for the satisfying
truth of my emotions
telling you how i feel
every word coming from the heart
you tell me to get up
and take your hand
now is my time to stand
my time to shine
i will leave my past behind
i look into your eyes
now i see all the passion
i never knew the distance
that came in between
us but what you told me
and the sparkle in your eyes
made me realize that it was truly
from your heart and was said to me

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Hayz~Hardcore said...
Nov. 1, 2009 at 9:38 pm
OMG this is the cutest thing i have ever heard.Ur poem is amazing and went straight to my heart it almost made me cry keep it up. If u dont mind pls check out my work and comment on it cause no one else has thanks id appriciate it soo much <3Hayz:)
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