Gone Forever

October 20, 2009
By wickedgreen SILVER, Littleton, Colorado
wickedgreen SILVER, Littleton, Colorado
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Remember all the days we thought we’d always be together?
I’d been through lots with other friends, who I learned were not for me.
You’d been searching for a friend who’d always be there for you.
We each had our separate problems we could not beat alone,
But together is when we shined.
Finally the day came when we saw the light.
We became great friends that day never to be forgotten
The days were blissful, joyous even
We made other friends that year;
Still together, we befriended two, one yin one yang;
Very different, yet the same, not the right for us.
Just at the prime of our friendship the day came
The day came that we know as departure
Not by nature, nor a fight, but by a state, no matter.
Tears were shed and presents given, yet not as many as the other.
The plane took off leaving me behind
And my friend off to a new adventure.
A short time later I realized I only had yen and yang
Now I know the days we thought we’d always be together will never be again.
Still I learned a lesson from this cold and bitter winter that true friends are the memories that bring you closer together.

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