Free Oppinion

October 20, 2009
By Anonymous

Waiting by my locker bored all day. Nothing to do. Sleep deprived and not awake. I slam my locker, watching down the hallway. Students like robots bored from play. Nothing to do. Sitting, listening frustrated all day. Wish I could make a change. Change the past, change the future, make the days I spend grow shorter. More fun, more excitement, more of something, everything, anything different than what it was before. If only I had help. All alone makes the journey impossible but with help from a classmate, a friend, a companion, we can make it work. I run through the halls, through these enslaved robots that topple when touched. Nothing can stop this from happening only allow it to continue. People understand the change I’m making they just don't believe they can make it happen. Little confidence, little trust, what happened to us? We use to stand so tall, so free. Use to have the free be. Had the chance to make things right. Gave up, turned around gave it an unconfident sound. Wish I could dream and make the dream real. Wish I had help with this dream. If people understood the breakthrough of life, the chance of freedom the taste of an open mind. I know what I write makes no since at all but if I could only change it all.

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