Never forget

October 20, 2009
By SamiRaie96 SILVER, Denver, Colorado
SamiRaie96 SILVER, Denver, Colorado
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Don't worry, it will get better. Just sit back and eat some chocolate!!!!

Have you ever felt like nobody cares? Like you are alone? Well you may think that, and feel that, but its not true. There is always one person that is worring about you all the time. It may seem like they don't, but they do. And there will be a time, when you need someone, and you go to them. Then you know that they care. So never forget, that you are loved. Never forget that you are NOT alone. Never forget, that you are spiecll. Never forget, that you the highlight in someones life. NEVER FORGET, THAT SOMEONE CARES ABOUT YOU 24/7 AND WOULD HATE IT IF SOMETHING EVERY HEPPENED TO YOU!!!!!!

The author's comments:
I wrote this cause, i wonce felt like nobody cared, and than the person that i thought never cared about me and just was there, came through. I then relized, that that one person i though never cared, really did care, this whole time.

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