How the Monkey Got its Tail

October 20, 2009
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Along time ago,
While the world was still young,
There lived a young animal,
He went by the name of Monkey.
Monkey was always in the way,
He never paid any attention to anyone else.
Everyday was the same routine,
Monkey pushed past everyone wherever he went.
Until one day something happened,
A strange new animal came to visit the jungle.
This animal was very unfamiliar.
This stranger was known as Elephant,
He came all the way from his land to the jungle.
Now, Monkey being ignorant as he is,
Didn’t notice Elephant coming along.
Elephant being careful as can be,
Tried to avoid all the small creatures,
But one little animal he couldn’t see was Monkey.
When he looked down it was too late.

Elephant had stepped on Monkey,
What a fit Monkey threw,
Screaming and howling in obvious pain.
Monkey pulled and pulled,
Trying to get free.

He ran around a tree, but that didn’t work.
Then he ran around a giant boulder,
But with no prevail he still could not be free.

After five minutes of huffing and puffing,
Elephant moved on.
Poor Monkey though could not believe,
The base of his back it was stretched far too long.

Now poor monkey tried many things,
To get back to normal,
But he could not win no matter what.

That is how the monkey got its tail.
Out of his stubbornness,
He gained the tail it has today.

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