A brother

October 20, 2009
I loved him so deep like a brother from other father and mother
And now.. They are tellin me he was in love with me !
It was little lateto know so i just want to let it go..
he kept his love lockdown for too long
i don't mean it was wrong
because i figure out that he was so strong

I still adore him so deep
he's the best friend that i want to keep
i will dream about him when i sleep
and don't want to regret about past neither weep

that sweety little guy with long blond hair
when i knew about his love i just stare
i think about friendship that we used to share
he was the most that i ask about him and care

That guy with green eyes
his crush on me was a surprise
but is that true or lies?!
Even if we are apart.. He will always saty in my heart
Remembering him will give me a smile on my face
I LoVe him he's my brother
from other mother & father

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