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October 19, 2009
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oh sweet life so lost in itself

where do i go for all of my answers

that posses questions wrapped in plastic

unforfiled and melting in the microwave

and when i defrosted my happiness

how was i to know that it would have

the same electric reaction as metal

this is not what i meant when i screamed to the empty sky


ignite my life!"

i asked kindly

and when will the shakespearian inspiration

of roses and balconies

instill me

let voldemorts name be my love

if i shall cut off my own tongue

and may i find something beneath the carpet

out of which only pushes up dust

and causes my eyes to water

and paves the circles under my eyes


or exhaustion

sweet world tell me if i shall so rid these tallys

counting until the day my sentence expires

until then i will sit and watch

the ashes settling into my carpet

like snow falling in hell

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