The Music and I

October 19, 2009
By dancerpoet92 BRONZE, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
dancerpoet92 BRONZE, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
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In the darkness
One single note
A beginning
A question
I wait
Another note, this one lower
And an answer
The audience waits

A harmony chimes in
The stage breathes with the music
Our dance begins
The music and I move together
The music leads
And I follow
We move together
Across the stage
I am grace, the music fluidity

And I’m flying
Suspended in the air
The music holding my waist with strong arms
The perfect team

The music and I continue our dance
Moving as old friends
We embrace each sigh of melody
We dance

Each step planned
Yet we explore
The music guides me
Takes my hand
I follow
I trust the music
And I teach the music

We twirl and we spin
The music chases me
Finds me
Holds me
Wraps me in the rhythms
Where I always feel safe
Each note holding me close
Whispering my name
I answer back, leap into the air
The music catches me again

We resume our dance, faster
An explosion of perfect understanding
Because the music is mine
And I am the music’s

As the melody whispers farewell in my ear
I am surrendered to the darkness once more
For that one note to return
And ask me to dance

The author's comments:
this piece is about how music affects me and how I just love music. there's no message, no moral... just me expressing myself:)

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