An Epic Passing Glance

October 19, 2009
By mallory234 BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
mallory234 BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
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Sparkly brown met radiant blue
Vibes to powerful to interpret travel between us
My breath catches in my throat like the weary fish caught in the fishermen’s net
I count the seconds that he’s searching my soul with his all knowing eyes
If at this moment, when we are connected by this invisible thread, I met a Jeanie and had only one wish, I’d wish for you
We kept walking then and the connection shatters like icicles hanging from a castle that’s under siege
My world crashes with it and tears form but do not fall down my flustered face
That eye catching moment is my only connection with you
And I will hold onto it like the knight holds onto his maiden after returning from war.
To him, she is his most precious gem, his motivation to raise his sword high
and fight with every ounce of courage he has
In that once second when brown met blue
I, was the only thing on your mind
Mine, was the only soul you were searching
I, was your only gem

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