Your Eyes

October 19, 2009
Your eyes are the most
Fantastic things I see
They are the only eyes
I want to gaze at
For as long as I live

As blue as the sky
As deep as the ocean
Like crystals they shine
So brilliantly bright
So extraordinarily gorgeous

The longer I stare into them
The more I cannot look away
They hold my attention
As they look back into my own
And crinkle with a laugh

A chuckle, a smile
Will make your eyes sparkle
Like diamonds, they sparkle
You can look so silly
So serious and sincere

When your eyes look
Into my own,
I smile because I know
That you are seeing me,
Really seeing me

You see me for real
You can see who I really am
You understand the real me
When you see me with
Your beautiful eyes

Your eyes hold the
Wisdom and the knowledge
That you have within you
You eyes are the windows
To your great and wonderful soul

I love your eyes,
Your magnificent diamonds
Your dazzling crystals
Your beautiful oceans
Your never-ending skies

I love you.

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