The Sun

October 19, 2009
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The warm sun
The warm sun that gave me my self
I see that of myself in the sunlight’s shadows
My reflection of my life in the warm comforting beam

I have had a hard life that some weak people could not have handled
I had the willpower and the delimitation to continue on
I believe that some1 or something gave me the strength to be my self
Love and trust is what made me
I loved and got hurt
I trusted and got hurt
I had no1 to lean on….. no1
The only thing I could trust was my own legs
I ran and ran into the sun hoping that is would save me…… but it never did
I stopped and fell into the green grass
I took a good and long introspection….. I needed to
It was long and dreadful experience
I had to sit there and relive the past
I took it all in…….. Willingly, curious, and doubtful
I realized that some1 was there……… all along some1 was there
They changed me they gave me something more
More than any1 could ever give me
They gave me the sun the warm and comforting sun

The warm sun
The warm sun that gave me myself
I see myself not in the shadow of the sun but in the sun its self
Now I can see my reflection and not be afraid…. I don’t have to cry anymore
I can now be my self
I can now be myself in the sun

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