October 18, 2009
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For several years, everything seemed to be going alright.
We were heading the the right direction.
Our home beamed with sunlight,
and our smiles radiated toward others.
But then a day arrived when the monster finally walked through our doorstep.
The monster growled at everyone,
bringing the sunshine to a halt.
A shadow covered our home.
For days, the monster roamed through the halls of our humble abode.
Tension was skyrocketing.
Father pleaded, "Please! Stop!
Look at what you're doing. Look at the children!
Our once happy home has turned into a firey abyss,
all because you never accept our little treasures.
Please, stop.
Or I'm leaving."
Monster pondered the thought.
She paced for several moments
silently accusing those around her for all her problems.
We all watched anxiously,
waiting for an attack
for Monster looked vicious,
displeased, as a matter of fact.
Monster never said anything.
She looked at us with blind eyes
and crawled back into her hole quietly.
We all held hands and hoped that this was the last
of Monster's reign over our home.
But there are still times,
when tension rises,
a growl is heard,
a glare is seen,
and an attack is near.
And then I wonder,
what would've happened if Father left?

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