The Fight

October 18, 2009
The sword shined sizzling shutter
As the glistening gaze gasped my eyes
I lift the heavy hootering halt
As the carriage carefully clapped away
The florescent fight cut her neck
As the blood drizzled delicately
Never fear, never grow, never shine
Bing, Bang, Bong
The swords clashed away
As the goat footed women screamed silently
The two warriors swung their swords
As he strummed his last chords
Day n’ Night the fight went on
As he circled around the chafing sun
No one found what was lost but the body still remained chained to the boss
One must rise, while the other dies
Shattered away by his sigh
Torn by the lie
The breath sickened his mind
While he fell with the open wound that hit him so
But shocked at the once kind trader behind him
And the venomous creator that tore him from limb to limb
He set upon the cold stone ground
Where the tears fall on the blood where he was bound
Steam rose as the two met
Risen form the body, while he was lit
Cast up on fire while ones desire is more than kill
But one can only say, which may bigger than you thought
The eyes shined sizzling shutter
As the glistening gaze of the fire gouged my eyes
I set the heavy hootering heart on the stone cold ground
Where she was found
The florescent fight ended once more
But will be brought back after the core drizzles
I carefully closed the carriage door and watched it sore into the night sky with the lie still intact
Never past…Never future….Never

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