Fighting With Reflections.

October 18, 2009
Hands shaking.
Mind racing.
Heart breaking.
Do you know how it feels to not be able to breathe?
Alone when he's gone.
Crying in song.
The same sad melody.
Again and again.
Do you know what its like to hear this?
I do.
Hands tired.
Mind blurred.
Heart in pieces.
I dont believe you understand.
Do you know what its like to feel your heart cry?
Every single drop falling from inside.
You dont know how it burns.
Have you ever loved someone?
Then tell me this..
Would you go through anything for that person?
The one you say you love?
Or when the time comes..
Will you forget because you're scared?
Will you run away from what you loved?
I can't do that.
But I bet you would.
Mind full of questions.
Being alone is not their answer.
Heart gasping for air.
Drowing in its own dispair.
Are you starting to see?
Or will you never know?
I'd never wish to be numb.
At least this pain is real.
You don't know how well I can see through you.
After all..
This is all about you.
I don't expect to win the battle.
I don't believe I will.
I know I love him.
That's all I have to hold on to.
Nothing else really matters.
At the end you will see.
My mind clearing.
But filled with an ache of something missing.
My heart feeling tired.
Not hopeless, but close.
Its not empty, I know.
Though I feel it.
My mind is leaving.
Far away from this place.
My heart sleeps tonight.
Alone, but it's okay..

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