World's End

October 14, 2009
By Charliieee BRONZE, Dorchester, Other
Charliieee BRONZE, Dorchester, Other
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Worldly hollows.
Craverns deep, as our voices
Echo. Reflecting back.
Secrets hide, shaddow
Us. Left for bait, of fearsome
Here together.
Alone we stand, face
Fate. Dare we not fall.
Engulf us. Push us over the divide.
Bravery mocked, stolen
Belief. Images flash past.
Reality looms,
Precariously hanging. Tiptoe
The line.
Hope left us, deserted
On the end
Of this road. Tattered, torn
Yet enlightened to perfection.
No saviour to come, all angels
Fallen. On breath
At world's end

The author's comments:
I know this can be interpreted many ways. I had just had a huge argument with some friends, and I was feeling pretty alone. Please tell me how you feel about this. Love muchh x

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