It Was Only Yesterday

October 14, 2009
By Anonymous

It was only yesterday
No need to worry
It was only yesterday
Today is a new day, leave yesterdays sorrows behind
The future is coming
Will you be ready?
It was only yesterday, don’t live in the past
So dream big and do what makes you happy
Live your life today, live it to the fullest
Don’t look back, keep going forward
There will always be people trying to hold you down
But break free of their chains, and remember your dreams
Live your life today, live it to the fullest
And never look back over your shoulder, and never let your shoulder become cold
Days, seasons, and years come and go
Details become a blur, moments are forgotten, today is all that matters
Because even though great triumphs and horrible endings have happened all that’s left to say is it was only yesterday
Learn from your mistakes, try to move forward from your sorrows
You can’t live in the past so don’t try to change history
You can’t sit somewhere wishing, hoping, and praying something will happen
If you want something to change, then change your actions
Change your attitude, get a new outlook, and try, try as hard as you can to get nothing short of exactly what you dream of
You have to reach your arms out, try to touch the sky, and do whatever it takes to reach your dreams and if you come up short know you tried, did everything you could, and it just wasn’t meant to be
But what if one time your dream comes true
You get everything you wanted almost as if a fairy tail
And you smile proudly, greatful, and happily
You smile because you know it was all the hard work that made you the reason your dream came true
And you know damn well you will never let go of this opportunity
It was only yesterday
So live your life now and hope for tomorrow
Life is what you make of it, you are who you are seen as, yet sometimes not at all
Secrets are held, dreams are vanished but still re-created, love is amazing until lost, respect is priceless, weaknesses are exploited, dissapointment is felt on both sides of the situation, but sometimes when you look up from your sorrows the whole world is happy, and everyone is smiling back at you
What great lives we can make in this world
Will we be able to meet our dreams today?
Live your life to the fullest or your making a mistake, forget what some people have to say, do what makes you happy, and live your life leaving no regrets for tomorrow
Love life
Share love
Care for your loved ones
Enjoy yourself, enjoy who you are, and make the most of your life
Because tomorrow all we can say
Is it was only yesterday

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