October 14, 2009
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Mesmers are those “things” you see on commercials.
They live to flaunt their bodies around like the pieces of meat that they are.
They strut every where, proud of their succulent and juicy flavor.
They dig at you with desire and anticipation,
And make your mouth water and your throat dry up.
They look so beautiful and voluptuous.
You can’t ever get enough of a Mesmer.
You want more, they always leave you craving,
Craving for just one more taste, just one more smell.
Mesmers send waves of adrenaline through your bloodstream
And clog your arteries with ecstasy and pleasure.
They leave you tingling, drowning vainly in their sweet aroma.
You cannot escape the enticement of a Mesmer.
You never want to. You always need to give in.
A flaw that will lead to the demise of you.
A terminal illness impossible to overcome.
A fatal attraction. A fatal addiction.
Nothing makes you feel like a Mesmer can.
Nothing can give you that sense of satisfaction,
That Nirvana of taste.
And the best part of a Mesmer,
The hook-line-and-sinker of this corrupt trade;
They are cheap.
So cheap, that every meal can be spent holding one just below your lips.
Ninety-nine cents can earn you a Mesmer just about anywhere.
That tantalizing piece of beef, surrounded by lettuce cheese and tomato,
Never gets old.
Never gets tasteless
Always leaves your insides screaming for a way out.
It truly is

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