ten roses

October 13, 2009
By jordyquint PLATINUM, Manhattan, Kansas
jordyquint PLATINUM, Manhattan, Kansas
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He walked her home that evening
with ten roses in his hand
he said to her that evening
will you take my hand

He gently handed her
the first rose of the night
and then she blushed
and smiled and cutely said goodnight

a few blocks more
and the second rose he gave
she giggled in suprise
as she took the second rose from his hand

the third rose was given
at the park a mile near her house
he stood close to her
and he gave the rose about

they rounded the corner
and soon it was time
she would get the fourth rose
whom he held behind

the fifth rose was shortly taken
from the girl with brown hair
five more to go and he would be out

he wondered what it would take
so the sixth rose was given
and the girl stood frozen

soon the seventh rose was hers
and then the eight
and then the ninth

and while walking home that evening
the tenth rose in his hand
he asked again
if she could take his hand

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