October 13, 2009
By englishamerican7 SILVER, College Station, Texas
englishamerican7 SILVER, College Station, Texas
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A sudden gusto and everything leaps
Sounds burst forth as the strings are played
Each one perfectly tight and coated in rosin
Varnish shines the almond wood
Treated tenderly and viciously
Screechingly coaxed into music

A twang and a gasp
All remains stunned and still
A string has snapped
Lovingly and carefully a new string is put on while the second violin takes the stage
While it doesn’t shine as bright, it too has been cared for

Longing for the opportunity to pierce the air with its tremulous note
The third waits by the case reserved for the first

The concert is over
As the player leaves the third violin is stepped on
All the strings break in a cacophony of noise
Someone will get around to fixing it
The water seeps underneath
Someone will move it

Practice begins alone with no crowd
1 is in the shop to be perfectly tuned
2 needs a new polish
The artist gingerly grabs the third
Slowly and wearily she begins to play
Music bursts forth and envelops the room
Rising, falling, no mistake is made as a connection forms
Joy fills the lonely space
Its over –
The first has returned

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