October 13, 2009
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My imagination has become polluted by the world
A sick fish out of water
Completely drained it shrivels and falls from over head
Flopping back and forth, it gives its last breath
Death reaps upon my imagination
It begins to rot
Stinking up the air around it
I give helpless resuscitation
Then denial
I tie it to a string and drag it around town
Forcing colorful thoughts
A trail of rainbow slime tails us
It is a cloud of black smoke
Suddenly it turns to stone and plummets from space
The children point and laugh from earth
Following it with their dirt covered fingers
Down it goes then lost in a puff of dust at impact
It lays lifeless
The center piece of the crater
Color disappears from my reality
Leaving me in a world with the rest of them
Everything just different shades of gray
I find myself disoriented and lost
Olny to be led back by the laughter
It brings my comfort
Then I join in
Standing at the craters edge
Pointing my gray finger
Heaving up hollow laughs
So long
This is my imaginations last gift
Seeing its demise in color

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