The Sounds of Time

October 13, 2009
Once, a happy carefree kid, just laughing at every little thing
Playing Red Rover on the school playground and swinging on the swings
I can still hear the squeaking of the swings as I went back and forth
The days when the only worry I had was wondering what cartoon I was
going to watch that day.
How I wish those days were still here
To be happy and carefree again
Just to be able to have fun and not worry
Back to the days when there was no drama
But there’s not a way
There’s not a way to go back
And the older I get, the fainter the sounds of the past become
And the louder the present sounds get
As hard as I try to tune out of the present, I can’t
The more I try to hear the sounds of the past
The smaller they get
Until I can no longer
Hear them.

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