Leave them alone, Leave my side

October 13, 2009
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you've hurt me enough
they've watched what i've gone through
all the things i've done for you.
i will no longer stand aside, watching what you try
if you think i'm going to look away, think again.
you say you love her, but i know you will make her cry,
don't you dare make a move, and hurt my closest friend.
she doesn't want you, so let her be
if you push yourself on her, open your eyes.
you were only dreaming, and now you're looking at me
pay close attention, this is how a girl can make you cry.
this is my family, my sisters, i'm their protector
you've got me in a rage
don't come near them
because the floor is my stag.
i'll clean it with your blood and tears
this isn't a threat, you're pathetic and weak if that's what you believe
you need a healthy dose of fear

you are such a fool, to think you're free
to do what you wantwith girls, do as you please
let me tell you something that you really need to hear
this famous little sang that can make you freeze,
"hell hath no fury like a woman once scorned"

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