Ode to Blue Lights

October 12, 2009
You are the purple lights
on a dark night,
shining through the window,
illuminating the street,
into the eyes of the lost below.

You are delusion's partner,
a drug to the drugged,
like moths to a flame
that slowly kills the soul.

Blue lights are yours
when they never are
mine, when I take them away
our stolen promise
from tomorrow's past
undying passion
that doesn't last

Lights of blue are never mine
they're prisms of
monochromatic light
prisons of color
that steal my thought

You eat at the mind,
casting demons in the corners,
an indigo shadow on the mirror
of a corpse.

The iris of
truth clarified,
the red burning center
of a dying blaze.

Blue lights are green
when they tell me to go
red, when I scream
at the top of my lungs,
violet desire
in the husk of the morning,
golden promise
that costs more than it's price.

Lights of blue are never mine.
They fly on wings
of sand,
a sleeping melody,
lying lyrically to an alternate reality
with an everlasting breath.

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