Alone in a Sea of People

October 12, 2009
By ashley123 SILVER, Goodyear, Arizona
ashley123 SILVER, Goodyear, Arizona
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You have to choose which bridges to cross, and which to burnn.

I feel as if no one cares for my existence on planet earth,
As if I was just an accidental birth,
Tears begin to fall from my worried eyes,
As they emerge, the million lies,
Who is there now, to hold my hand?
I feel the emptiness of my soul, a beach of abandoned sand,
Everyone changes, as I fade into the background,
An unwanted dog in an unknown pound,
My future hangs by a transparent string,
All I wish is to spread my wings,
I am nothing more than an unfamiliar face,
I become no one; footprints among a beach are my only trace,
Next to God I walk beside,
He takes care and takes one great stride,
To help release my pain and set me on the right path,
I wish to wash away my sins in a cold bath,
Jealousy, hate, and distrust
I have to try to give in to my fears or my seams may bust,
I can no longer bear a hidden storm,
It is time for me to take on a new form,
And become who I am destined to be,
There is no one in my future, for the apples have fallen from the tree,
And I remain,
The person who has no beauty and a brain,
Who am I too judge another soul,
When I am the one, who dug the hole,
That trapped me, a lost person in a sea of deception.

The author's comments:
I'm not saying I have it hard in life, but recently my friends and family have turned their backs on me. This is the only way for me to express how I feel.

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