That's what friends are for

October 12, 2009
By , Tenafly, NJ
You kick open the door, screaming your tears away
Who’s shoulder do you cry on?
Is that what friends are for?
Lying in bed, racing thoughts…..
Who do you talk to?
Is that what friends are for?
When you lock your heart up in the silver case of love and dreams
They are the ones who will have the key
When it is time to face the truth
Facing you fears is something you can’t do alone
Who will be there so you don’t have to worry?
So you don’t have to be on your own
Is that what friends are for?
As you put your back against the wall, your tears shed
That light you see isn’t the white picket fence
But the shine from your friends soul
Waiting…. To get you back on your feet
The secrets in your mind
The whispers in your heart
Is that what friends are for?
Your standing on the edge
Waiting, waiting for the right moment
The car will not be the one to stop you in your tracks
Is that what friends are for?
To throw away that little pill in your hand that spells death.
The beating, the punching, the violence
All can be resolved by a single friend
Even when you have given up, the one thing you have left
When he has left you
Who will protect you?
Is that what friends are for?
No matter the secret, no matter the boy, no matter the difference,
no matter the fight, no matter the cut, no amount of pain can uphold what you deserve
What are friends for?
Some may lie straight to your face
Saying ‘ the world may never separate us’
But as it turns out, all of what they said is not true
But a figment of my imagination
It is like they minimized you into something so small
Is that what friends are for?
To kick you when you’re already down
To stab you in the back when you’re already bleeding
To leave you when everyone is against you…
I have walked out into this world and have already faced my greatest fear
Making a friend
That’s what friends are for

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