Self-Esteem For Thought

October 12, 2009
By , Pevely, MO
Walking in the hallways of your school,
All you hear is the calls and rushing voices of your peers,
Some aiming their taunts and teases at you,
And all you can think is, Shake it off

Every time you look in the mirror,
You wonder what everyone else sees,
Who you’re really are,
Or who you think you are

When you smile or laugh,
The thought just seems to creep up on your mind,
The suddenly loudest voice that practically cries out,
Who am I?

Even when you feel like you belong,
Or when you want to scream to the world,
There’s always that one thread of doubt in the back of your head,
Infecting all the others

It may take a while,
But eventually it’ll happen,
You’ll find out who you really are,
And if you can finally shed who you once thought you were

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