October 12, 2009
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Life ends when winter is born
The trees' soul abandons them
and the grass is no longer vibrant.
Summer breezes we once knew
Grow bitter and harsh,
As it lashes around the streets.
the sun goes to bed early,
she hides her eyes from the
cruelty of this earth.
the candle flickers away
laughters diminish.
as the first snowflake prances
around, the lost flower still stands
her petals are slowly fading,
the violet pigments are turning grey, but still,
she stands.
mountains of snow surround her,
her roots keep breathing.
Stars no longer appear in the midnight drape,
the moon is lonely up there all alone.
Its the only light warming the world.
Death takes everyone,
but he renounces the flower.
Days spin faster and the darkness masks the sky.
I sit alone, singing to the winds haunting melody
I hear a knock at my door,
it is time for me to go.
but i glance outside
and notice the flower's strength.
so i wait, i wait for better days.
the sun is beginning to swallow
up the sky again and the
memorable breezes sweep against my face.
The warmth radiants on my bleached complexion.
The flower still is there,
it's color is revived,
the purple is electrifying.
butterflies graze on its life saving nectar.
all around the hopeful flower
are hundreds of others.
down the road, i hear
the familiar laughter
of little kids tossing a frisbee.
the flower restored hope to me, to everyone.
it survives the worst and remains loyal to
those who are longing for a new day.
my face wrinkles as countless winters pass,
tattered brown eyes always search for that flower.
and whenever i feel as though
the sun will never return,
there she is,
that flower,
pulling me through
another bleak day

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