A People

October 12, 2009
By Anonymous

We do not claim innocence, but neither take the blame
When the onslaught of your hate has driven us to shame
How you’re not asphyxiated by hypocrisy
Shall remain one of mankind’s unsolved mysteries

A people of war, longing only for peace…

With friends like these, who needs enemies
Your empty words beget no consequence
May blood bathe the ground, you care not whose
As long as you get your chance for parlance

Do you give thought to the horrors observed
From high upon your cushioned throne
While you criticize our struggle to survive
To reap that which our ancestors had sown

A people of peace, plagued by war…

Beleaguered by hate, envy, spite
A people of peace are forced to war
If only, for if we were never at peace
How can we return to it once more?

When hate is the only united front
When all we have left is our battered pride
The world would take our tortured past
Rob us of mourning, of those who died

Is it cowardice that drives them? No, it couldn’t be
For they do not hide that they would do the same to me
If they had another chance to massacre, to make us bleed
Our lives would be to them a game, warnings past they would not heed

So tell me this, I’d like to know
To what extremes humans would go
To gain what? A boastful crow
Kingship of savagery

A mistake, one must accept
Or shun the nature of oneself
But hatred is not a mistake
It is death, for all

Enemies are instinctive to resent
Loathing is not effortful to muster
This we know from the walls of contempt
Where grudges were left to fester

Thus we know a nation strong
From pusillanimous and weak
For they have not the courage
As we do, to strive for peace

The author's comments:
It was a project for Literature class in Prozdor (Jewish school). Some of it kind of references the Holocaust because we talked a lot about it. I guess it's kind of a rant..

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