I am not nothing

October 13, 2009
Who are you to hate me?
Who are you to
Give me this look of disgust
Like I am nothing
Who are you
To label me as nothing?

I am more than you know
More than what shows through this
Cautious smile
Don’t take me for granted
How would you feel
If one day I was gone?

If you peel apart the layers of my mind
Like an onion that makes your eyes tear up
You’d see that I am more than anyone knows
I am not nothing
If you could just break out
Of your self centered world, would you see?

And who are you
To hate me
For what I have not done?
Because I know now
You don’t have to look at me anymore
But I am not nothing

Who are you to hate me?
And label me as nothing?
Because I am not a hateful person
And I am not nothing
So wipe that sophisticated glare off of your face
And look at me

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CrazySquid said...
Jun. 28, 2010 at 1:46 am
amazing...I know the feeling on both sides...the last line is the perfect ending and it gives so much to poem...
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