October 17, 2009
By thea22 GOLD, Queens, New York
thea22 GOLD, Queens, New York
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Not sure what to think,
what to say or how to act.
Casual and friendly,
or a nod and word here and there.
Which way is easier,
so that you won't know I know.
I know we are close,
so why would i want to ruin that?
Friends are more important,
than anything right?
Even deeper relationships,
or not?
I'll admit im surprised,
but maybe I'm glad.
Since i feel that way too,
maybe I should tell you.
its not the way to go.
I'll think of something else.
Or maybe it is?
Not sure once again,
trying not to smile or look at you too much.
It's much harder that way,
for my eyes wander.
I hope more people don't know,
for a silence will sweep upon us.
It will carry away our voices,
so that we only can stare at one another.
Thinking long and hard,
thinking really hard.
Maybe nothing works,
Forget you ever knew,
forget the future.
Forget the past.
Just FORGET it all.

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