Hum of the Heart

October 16, 2009
It's a pounding that I have known for all my life

It's a force through my veins that has flowed for seventeen years and five months

It's a reckless abandonment of my insecurities

It's an out of body experience I just cannot explain.

It's an emotion that I assume for three minutes, 25 seconds

It's the sound of the people before you let the curtain open

It's the sweat, tears, prayers, and blood you put into a dream

It's exposing your inner most feelings to the world

It's all the right notes

It's the rhythm of life

It's the blisters on your finger tips

It's the choke of a sore vocal cord

It's the wind in your face, the light in your eyes

It's the plucking of strings

It's the twang at the end of the words

It's knowing they are singing right along with you

It's the smile on my mama's face

It's sparking that hope for a young girl in the eight row
It's how I feel when it's just me, my guitar, and a spot light

The Hum of my heart.

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