Stupid Mistake

October 16, 2009
By FoulSpartan PLATINUM, Miami, Florida
FoulSpartan PLATINUM, Miami, Florida
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I'm going through the cd's we'd used to play,
I'm laying in the grass where we'd used to lay,
And I lie here feeling sorry for myself,
When it wasn't me who needed help,
It was every body else,
I was hoping I was the wrong one,
But turns out I was right,
So now when I fall asleep,
I get nightmares every night,
And now I think about what I could of done,
And how I should of saved everyone,
Now I turn around,
Wishing i could go back,
If only in hopes of,
Keeping their lives intact,
So now I have to go home,
Knowing this for fact,
No matter how many times I call them,
They can never call back!

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