This Is Who You Are

October 16, 2009
A beautiful girl,
An intelligent girl,
Random, crazy,
Shy as you try to know her.

Drawing in all the attention,
She always craves some love,
A physical touch or emotional push,
She's always wanting me.

Curious, and adventurous too,
We all know that she's different,
Faith in all for the truer good
That some don't always deserve.

She tries so hard, cares a lot,
And loves, but death won't stop her,
Adamant until the very end
For everyone to accept her.

A cutesy flirt with her one love,
Her pleading eyes and smile tear
All my attempts to tease her gently,
She's confident in what she wants.

An artful talent of high degree,
Although she doesn't believe it,
Inner beauty shines all the way through
And yet she still doesn't see.

Autumn over fall, fell over me,
The leaves fall all around her,
She takes my love in tight around her
So she can live forever.

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GuessWho said...
Oct. 28, 2009 at 5:46 pm
This is the cutest poem I have ever read!
You have a true talent in writing, and should keep pursuing this throughout yer life. You're so inspiring. I love you babe.
Forever and Always.
-SuperStar :D
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