On the Train Again

October 16, 2009
By laughlovewrite SILVER, St. Louis, Missouri
laughlovewrite SILVER, St. Louis, Missouri
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My sleepy eyes drift around the station
nearly empty
not surprised
its 2 in the morning
the world’s not alive
yet I’m sitting here
on this station bench
waiting to board
and being bored
So I wait
and I watch
and I plead for time to pass
Then a voice speaks
“Now boarding to Chicago”
Booming through the speakers.

The train steaches out
With dark windows
reflecting the florescent light
A man in uniform
greets our departure
as we climb the metal stairs
rows of seats
fill the car
I claim a window seat
with my sister by my side
The man punches our tickets
hands perfecting
the little task
As he makes his way
the train lurches forward
With my excitement
in high gear
Slowly it pulls
out of the station
making its way
out of St. Louis
I lie my cheek
Against the cold black glass
watching Chicago get closer

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