i dont LIKE you any more because........

October 16, 2009
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because i am dangerously in love with you!its imposible to just like somebody who came in and asked for your heart,promising to take care of it and just left it lying on the street.when i first saw you i swear i heard the angels whisper perfect but then you told me you didnt love me any more,you said you would never love me again,and that you didnt want me to like you!how could i just love some one like that.....but how could i love some one like??you tore my wold to peices and you still have my heart!i finnaly found the one i gave my heart to but it doesnt work unless you give your heart to!how?! i ask,how could i love some one as heartless as you???!!!some one with so much potential,the voice of an angel,matchure,but fun.so cute i could get lost in your eyes,then,why couldnt i love someone like you?all the pictures have been burnt, its just a lesson to be lerned i didnt mean to start a war you dont love me anymore,but i love you,so confused,u hurt me and these feelings stay the same,but i guess im gunna have to deal with the pain cuz its true im dangerusly in love with you!one more time i think it threw.how could i no love some one like you?

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*CinDeReLLa* said...
Nov. 2, 2009 at 1:06 pm
hehehe!i ♥this story!i made this up on the spot
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