Tears Keep Falling

October 16, 2009
Too complex is life, too complex are relations. Too many people change into those you thought they could never be. Who do you believe: yourself or them? Whose beliefs and values do see as high? Do you try to change them or do you try to change for them? Your torn, but you know what you have to do. You are the more important, your beliefs should be respected and known. Don't shun them and tear them down. But try to build them up, try to get them to see what's going on. If things don't work out, it wasn't meant to ever exist. Never forget that things happen for a reason. It may not make since at first, but please don't fret. It will at a later time. There's a method to the madness of life, a vicious circle it may be, harsh and uncaring. The people in your life make it worth your while. Make the best of the situation in which you exist, surround yourself with the people who compliment you, not negate the amazing person you are. Relationships come and go, you may forget the person, but don't forget the lesson you were taught.

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