The Magic of Camp

October 16, 2009
By Zoe_T PLATINUM, New City, New York
Zoe_T PLATINUM, New City, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened." -Dr. Seuss

Camp is not just a place; it’s more like an everlasting,
Bright and sunny, cloudless dream,
That is forever ingrained in my skull,
Hidden behind my light brown innocent eyes,
Shielded from the world and this odd place!
Because camp as we know it isn’t in this world!
It’s a Utopia of life where nothing can go wrong- no one can get sick!
The magic that surrounds every smiling being- glows into the sky,
The splashes at the waterfronts and the whipping of the sailboats,
Bending around the bright red buoys of the water-ski circle,
Where the water and laughter is spinning off the earth,
Down into kayaking with the old purple kayaks and the rocky shore,
And back to camp craft where playing with fire is the right thing,
And follow the smoke through the tall birch trees,
Into the arts and crafts room where beads and sparking sequins cover
The painted floor.
The dirt swept off those stairs blows in the breeze to the tennis courts
Where flying neon balls end up at basketball
Which can be seen from soccer; playing World Cup,
The soccer balls flying over the net
Competing in the cross bar challenge and then they land in the horse rings,
Where life happens
All the smiles and memories down at the barn,
Year after year making one hungry for more!
But never forgetting the wonderful life,
The sparkles in our eyes lasting us the year until we return
Because riding is where life happens,
At the magical place called camp.
Where the healthy green grass and tall trees
Reflects into the glass lake
Broken by solitary ripples from the loons
The cabins worn with age but full of old memories,
Lasting generations on the same rickety bunk beds
Laughing until dawn with the best people you’ve met in your life
Never stopping to breathe- enjoying the good type of stomach ache,
Forgetting the past year and all the wrong doings,
Camp is that magical place that usually only exists in fairy tales
And old time story books.
Camp is the reason for breathing; for completing the school year and surviving,
For dreaming at night waiting for sleep,
The cinnamon roll hugs that we wish were sticky
Dressing crazy for dinner with your cabin in neon, all black,
Cowboys, dress up, funny hats, mixed matched shoes,
Because nothing is better.
Camp is a magical place where you can stand on your stool in the dining hall
With 500 other people
And belt out old time songs that have been mostly forgotten
And dance like crazy, knowing that no one will think of you any differently
Than they think of themselves.
Jumping into the icy water early in a New Hampshire morning,
Heart rates soaring, happy campers laughing and splashing and swimming and singing
Nothing is better than being cold with your best friends
Because then the cold doesn’t even matter
When you walk anywhere on camp being able to scream someone’s name
And no one thinks that’s weird
The only place on Earth where rain is liquid sunshine
Just because nothing can go wrong at camp!
Camp is the magical Utopia that so many have dreamed of but fail to achieve
The emptiness during the year when you can’t wake up every morning
From a loud sleepover the night before
And then the riding! The bright shining light that makes the day even brighter!
Learning and at the same time having the times of our lives! No one is serious-
But the horses don’t mind.
Cheering each other on when we canter around the ring even though it’s not a first
Just because we love each other
In the magical camp Utopia where nothing is wrong
And “I love you” isn’t between a boy and a girl
And doesn’t mean the same thing
Camp is the place where “I love you” means if you ever need me I’m here
Ready to laugh and can’t wait to see you again
You’re my best friends in this magical world called camp
Camp is the place where life radiates off the distant mountains
Carried up the native birds
Brightened by the wild flowers
Camp is the place where no one complains about waking up early
With the sunlight beaming in their eyes
Because the day is going to be so fun, no matter what it contains
Camp is the magical place
The one place in the world
Where magic really exists in full form- no wands or wizards necessary
Where hugs are gold
And they are as normal as saying “hello”
The magic of camp radiates through everyone until they can’t help but smile
As they reflect upon the magical memories
Of camp

The author's comments:
Camp is my absolute favorite place in the whole entire world and to me is magic.

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