October 15, 2009
For that spark that occurs,
When Your eyes,
Lock onto mine.
Each second passes by.
Like magnets,
Everything that brings pain,
Not wanting to stop.
I rest my forehead on yours,
And venture into those myrsterious,
Brown eyes.
Come and go.
There we are laying deffenseless,
For so long fate chose,
To seperate us by summer.
I think of what is happening,
In your head.
Maybe I could be found,
Somewhere in those thoughts,
At This very,
I know I lay ,
Before your eyes.
Here I am,
Staying awake for you.
Since dreams,
Make time fly by.
I can't fall asleep,
Not yet.
Not now.
Even though I am,
In comfort,
By your arms,
That ease my eyes to close.
My fingers slide,
Into the empty cracks,
Between yours.
No need to hear you say,
Those three words.
I can see it in your,
The way I see them,
Why this moment seems so,

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