A Place like Heaven

October 15, 2009
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My room has snowy and milky walls,
And the large windows are like paintings of gorgeous and serene landscapes,
It consists of beds that are as soft as the feathers of a bird,
And pillows that are fragile like the petals of roses,
The drawers are as smooth as the slimy paint,
With a creamy-like drawer full of colorful clothing,
I can read peacefully like angels or draw cartoons,
While listening to several different types of melodies,harmonies, and the cryptic sounds of the wind,
When writing in my room I can hear splashes being made in the pool, the children riding their bikes,
and voices of people talking like a wood peckers,
In my room I can sleep cozily,
And like a baby without any disturbance,
And I can smell the fresh aroma of the nature from my window while singing as joyful as a humming bird,
My room is just as soothing as a hot tub and whenever Im there it reminds me of heaven

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