"I Do"

October 15, 2009
By Lauren Cummins BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
Lauren Cummins BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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Frost wedges into corners of windowpanes.
The brisk liquid begins to drip-drop as time slips away.
Louder and louder, they dive onto the windowsill.
The drops race to match the rhythm within her chest.

Mellifluous sounds of the piano radiate through the doors.
The floor filled with silent protesters, nervously awaiting this unholy matrimony.
Scrim masks the face of a dark uncertain future,
but in that moment, the secure grasp of hand distracts her.

Champagne fizzles from the brims of their slender glasses.
Envy echoes through every mind in the room.
But patina will eventually cover their passions,
Forever are they haunted by the words, “I do.”

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