A mothers child.

October 15, 2009
By Beau. BRONZE, Mpls, Minnesota
Beau. BRONZE, Mpls, Minnesota
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Bring me with the tides and sweep me away to a new found hope. She steps onto the sand and moves her toes through it and feels the sea running through her veins. You discourage me, she says with a bellowing scream. She throws herself to the ground and weeps. The tide comes in splashing and whipping its waves at her to make her stop. But she keeps on and on until she can no more. She wipes her eyes and pushes her hair back. Look up, she tells herself. Bring yourself to behold what life has given you. Push the waves back to where they came from and pick yourself up. She looks up at the sun setting over the clashing waters. Opens her eyes wide and stands up. She stands her ground and lets the water push her back, but she never falls. Not anymore. Be strong they say, don’t let us bring you down. The sun is dim and almost sleeping silently, but the waves get bigger and stronger with each hit. She starts to cry but holds her tears back. She settles her stand, tightens her hands, and bends back. Her eyes closed, she speaks; I will not do it anymore. Her eyes open, the sun set, she lets go. She lets go of everything that has ever hurt her. She falls slowly back and can finally be at rest. Her heart open and mind set on a new beginning. A whisper lets out, you can do this..

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