as darkness falls opon my path....

October 15, 2009
By Lone_wolf SILVER, Detroit, Michigan
Lone_wolf SILVER, Detroit, Michigan
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If there is a will, there is a way...

Mental infringements tearing the body down....the body's will is weakened and he is emotionless. deep regrets cross his mind, he stops to think, his face is serious and his hands are clinched and he curses himself....he slowly begins to walk, he takes a deep breathe and picks up his pace...his mind is flowing like a rushing river...he wants to scream, from this stress, struggle, fatigue, lost in a mental limbo, as if he shut down spiritually....wanting to cry and let this pain out that grows as if a hole was forming through his soul...but as he continue his journey, darkness falls upon the sky, he looks up and sees a red sky...the air is misty, with the red sky gleaming off the mist....he looks up and sees the was full, lighting the was silent out, nothing but his foot steps, and the wind howling made a sound...the road was dark, tress on both sides cover any light from the sky...he walks with no fear, for he fears nothing....ignorant, it may seem….he has seen so much, he is ready for anything…he welcomes danger, he laughs at death….the only thing that holds him down is his thoughts, his future, and his regretted past…..but his ambition drives him….to be some one, every one doubted him to be….

He states I wake to fight, I fight to live, I live to die, I die to continue my journey....I will not fail, my life depends on it....

The author's comments:
That was how i felt in life.....

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