The inner soul

October 15, 2009
my thoughts,my feelings,the pain that centers,the life I choose my soul up rose ,leaving me enlighten to the knowledge of gold.the knowledge that inspires my poems, my speech,my thoughts,the way of life i see through my eyes and the feeling of knowledge as it pierce through my body.knowing something that you didn't know before,is incredible to the brain and the body itself.i can't begin to understand the concept of my brain and my thoughts,but i can show you,your pain and depression and comfort you, too no emotion runs through your body itself.
and let you reborn and reset into your thoughts.making you almost one with your inner being.leaving you seen by the people of the world,they seeing you in different a new born baby,just born into the world.reborn mentally and spiritually making a new light on concepts and thoughts.that you would have never guessed and as far as the rest of this poem,look into your world and finish the rest for which you can make it your best...........................

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