October 15, 2009
Murder them

Eviscerate them

Make them scream

i'm screaming

Scream yourself to death

And just let it go

Burst into flame

Screwed-up side of

Munchausen’s syndrome



Humans = Atrophy atrophy atrophy

I'ts wretched (atrophy atrophyatrophy

Collapse (atrophy atrophy atrophy

bray yoke n (atrophy atrophy atrophy

asphyxiating (atrophy catastrophe

Crawl away

to war deny thing

Anything to fell alive


role reversal

reverse all

fear of weakness


in competence

Anything but ordinary - please
not enough to die
somebo y save my life
a saved life ain't enough
and death isn’t f*cking romantic
death is nothing
maybe a whole lot better
better than forever
taste it, copper)
false strength
don’t waste it away
Just feel lit feel alright
for the love-lie falsity
when inferiority isn't
isn't just a complex
though it is compl
ex perfectionism

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