Outside of the Mirror

October 15, 2009
I see those eyes,
The blues and greys,
In that marble mix I see the pain hidden,
clips of happiness permitted,
That person I see looks so different,
Limited, and not at all free,
Her eyes show all, but their beauty defies,
She's held together with lies,
Ones that refer to 'I'm fine',
She's tied together with a smile,
It's been tied there for a while,
Years have been waisted,
On a life she's merely tasted,
Words shine just as bright,
The person she she sees she needs change,
A new her, a fresh start is what she craves,
As I see her lips quiver,
And the weird feeling I feel makes me shiver,
I notice another,
The reflection in the depths of her eyes,
As If she's staring at her own life,
I take a step away,
Horrified by dismay,
Those eyes,
Those tears that shimmer under lies,
That pain,
The sorrow all the same,
That was me,
Those emotions mine,
I took a moment,
Another glimpse of time,
I smiled,
Wiped my makeup,
And decided to hide my breakdown.
That sorrow and pain, the end of the world that's her,
Not me, I live outside of that mirror.

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havingfunwriting said...
Nov. 19, 2010 at 3:00 pm
this is amazing! i like your stories too. your free verse is very good. :)
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